Ravi Mantha

Ravi Mantha is a health writer and activist. Ravi has spent several years researching the latest advances in health and the human body; his books are a result of that effort. “All About Bacteria”, published by HarperCollins, promotes alternative health backed by scientific research, bringing together two concepts that were until now seen as incompatible. “The Baby Elephant Diet: A Modern Indian Guide to Eating Right”. published by Rupa, brings a unique perspective to the science of healthy eating.

Ravi is deeply concerned about the environment, sustainable agriculture, sanitation and clean water for the world’s poor, and in equality of opportunity for all. At the same time, he strongly believes that the benefits of science and technology are immense when harnessed for good.

Sustainability and Outreach

Ravi is an organic farmer and co-founder of Sage Farm Café, India’s leading farm to table restaurant. Good nutrition is probably 80% of wellness and health, and his Hyderabad based clients are lucky to have a full-fledged farm and grocery store that stocks 80 varieties of vegetables, fruit and free range eggs and dairy and meat that are grown without pesticides or chemicals in a beautiful farm close to the city.

Baby Elephant farm sits on two properties of around 40 acres that are equipped with technology for water conservation, and use only natural materials in the buildings and sheds, and where the soil is continuously improved with every planting season to become a nutritious medium with a high biodiversity where crops thrive.