Functional Medicine

The role of a healer is not to “manage a chronic illness” but to help the patient completely heal themselves from the ailment. In functional medicine, one of the more important goals is to find out the root cause of the problem. We understand that many underlying root causes can manifest similar symptoms, and that when we find the actual trigger or root cause of a set of symptoms, we can use the most effective method to cure the problem.

But the story I have not yet told is my journey to understand and cure chronic illnesses, especially including chronic pain. I have worked on over 10000 people in the last two years, and I now have enough experiential data to develop a framework of hypotheses regarding why chronic illness happens, and how to reverse it.

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Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses are a huge money maker for the medical industry. This is one reason why we are told that illnesses should be “managed”, because there is not much money in curing most diseases.  But many chronic illnesses are actually lifestyle diseases that can be reversed through changes in lifestyle. Try and understand what you are really eating, how you are sleeping, and how you get your exercise, and you are well on your way to healing yourself.

Ravi specializes in non-invasive treatments for many chronic illnesses, especially chronic pain. His goal is to cure the problem as quickly as possible. Write to him in confidence today if you or your loved one suffers from pain or a chronic illness.

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All About Bacteria

Did you know that 90 per cent of our body s cells are bacterial? Or that the bacteria that cause meningitis live in our body all the time, without troubling us at all? Or even that life as we know it on earth began because bacteria rode into our world on an asteroid?

The Baby Elephant Diet

Obesity and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart ailments and stroke are fast becoming global pandemics. this is because our health depends almost up to 80 per cent on what we eat, and modern lifestyles have caused a dramatic change in our diet. the baby elephant diet: a modern indian guide to eating right is a simple and concise guide to healthy eating, customized to indian conditions.


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