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7-Layer therapy™ and holistic wellness.

The Oxford Dictionary describes the word holistic thus:

adjective: holistic 1. Philosophy
characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. o Medicine
characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

As a holistic healer, Ravi believes in finding the root cause of the problem, which often leads to a natural solution that completely resolves the problem. Accordingly, Ravi has developed a unique approach to wellness called 7-layer therapy, that takes into account all the various dimensions that impact health. The seven layers of health are Chemical, Biological, Mechanical, Electrical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Cognitive.

The Chemical layer deals with nutrition, pharmaceuticals, toxins, and anything that enters or interacts with your body in a chemical sense.

The Biological layer deals with the bacteria, fungi, and other organisms that live on you and in you, as well as the specialized cells that make up your body.

The Mechanical layer deals with the hermetic effect, namely the reason why exercise and movement have a large impact on health.

The Electrical layer is the software of how the brain, primarily through Nitrous Oxide as a messenger chemical, controls the body through electrical impulses. This layer is crucial for understanding and curing chronic pain.

The Emotional layer overlaps with the electrical layer, and is primarily concerned with the mind, its traumas and experiences, memory, feelings, and actions and consequences of those feelings.

The Spiritual layer is an experiential layer where the individual completely breaks out of their lived experience and into a persistent state of well-being, a flow state, or something that is experienced as the bliss state. The primary physiological effect is a homeostatic weakening or strengthening of the cranial nerves, with a starting point being the active sense and modulation of breath.

The Secret layer or Cognitive layer overlaps with the spiritual layer, and deals primarily with reshaping subjective reality into a higher purpose and creating a better version of self.

All health and wellbeing can be found in these seven layers, and the root cause of illness is usually found in one or more of them. Ravi will work closely with his patients to identify the source dysfunction or root cause, and then treat the problem at source.

In a decade of research, with two major published books on health and a global wellness practice, Ravi has realized that the world is highly specialized, even in alternative health, and that most healers are only good at one or at most two dimensions. The root cause of a chronic condition can lie in any one of the multiple layers. Ravi has made it his mission to become expert in all seven layers so that he can serve his clients and patients better.