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Ravi Mantha is an author and health activist. Ravi has spent several years researching the latest advances in health and the human body; his books are a result of that effort.

All About Bacteria”, published by Harper Collins, promotes alternative health backed by scientific research, bringing together two concepts that were until now seen as incompatible

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Recommended Books​

Here are two books that will guide you through all the modern guides about health & fitness.

All About Bacteria:

Did you know that 90 percent of our body s cells are bacterial? Or that the bacteria that cause meningitis live in our body all the time, without troubling us at all? Or even that life as we know it on earth began because bacteria rode into our world on an asteroid?”

The Baby Elephant Diet:

Obesity and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart ailments, and stroke are fast becoming global pandemics. this is because our health depends almost up to 80 percent on what we eat, and modern lifestyles have caused a dramatic change in our diet.

Ideal Diet for Diabetics

It is baffling that over sixty million Indians are suffering from diabetes. Needless to say, it is a mounting problem that can only be controlled not cured. Ravi Mantha illustrates how the ideal diet for diabetic must be supported by good physical activity. Further, he adds how diabetes is just a name for disturbed metabolism.

In this video, Ravi Mantha explains to us what an ideal diet for a diabetic should consist of.

He is co-founder of Sage Sustainable Living and Baby Elephant Permaculture Farm where he grows food using organic permaculture. He authored The Baby elephant diet and All about Bacteria  All we want to be healthy and happy, where the former depends on the latter. Although we try to achieve all our health goals, new questions pop every time. And we have no credible answers available when necessary. Hence we bring you our health series with the right information from the right sources

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