A functional medicine approach to reversing chronic pain and illness

Chronic pain

Friends, many of you know about my journey as a healer and wellness coach. Two published books on microbiology and nutrition, many articles, a global blue-chip “personal transformation” client list, an entire vertical in organic farming/store/cafe are the successes thus far (I will discuss the failures at another time and place).

But the story I have not yet told is my journey to understand and cure chronic illnesses, especially including chronic pain. I have worked on over 10000 people in the last two years, and I now have enough experiential data to develop a framework of hypotheses regarding why chronic illness happens, and how to reverse it. I have resisted setting up a formal treatment center…largely because I travel so much and don’t wish to commit to any regular schedule with clients. I have been practicing at the Shroff Hospital in Mumbai this past year with occasional visits. My clinic and wellness center at Baby Elephant Permaculture Farm will be ready shortly. I will do wellness appointments whenever I am in Hyderabad, limited to 4 people a day. If you or any of your friends or loved ones have any chronic conditions or pain or traumas, go ahead and send them my way. I have around 80% success rate in reversing chronic ailments that I treat.

My methods involve no drugs and no invasive work, and does not involve any pain. Even for those of you who are seemingly fit, I can give you a one-on-one workshop that will completely change the way you approach your health and your life, that will have lasting effects in preventing chronic illness in the first place.